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Kids' Time Volunteers{ KIDS' TIME CAST }
Brenda Walsh is the producer and host of 3ABN’s Kids' Time television production. When she was first called to this ministry in 1999, she began praying that God would direct her in a special way to talented and dedicated individuals who loved children and who would be willing to be a part of this Kids’ Time. She realized that each segment of the program needed its own cast, its own set, and its own props. But the biggest challenge was that everyone would need to be willing to volunteer their time and expertise. It seemed impossible, but Brenda began to pray, and one-by-one God brought people to the Kids’ Time ministry that had the same passion to share Jesus with children as Brenda had—and they were incredibly talented! God does answer prayer in an awesome way.

As you read about these individuals and realize how God has gifted them, remember again that each one is a volunteer and counts it a joy to serve Jesus through Kids' Time—even Maxwell!
Kids' Time has a perfect mascot! His name is Maxwell. He is a black Labrador Retriever and was adopted from an animal shelter. God knew just the right dog for Kids’ Time. He is so gentle and sweet. He loves taping Kids' Time and absolutely adores kids! But there is an interesting challenge when it comes to Max. How do you keep him awake? He loves to sleep! Be sure and watch Maxwell in the new Kids’ Time programs and count how many times you see him sleeping! Maxwell wants to say hi too....."Bark! Bark!" To read Maxwell’s life story in his own words click here.
Jim Snelling has had a passion for nature all of his life! He has warm memories of when he was a boy spending time with his dad out in God’s great outdoors as his dad patiently taught him about nature--God’s second lesson book. He has dedicated his life to instilling a love for nature in others—especially children. He has given nature talks for over fifty years at various schools, summer camps, churches, camp meetings, Pathfinder fairs and other events! He is well known for his incredible rock collection, and if you are fortunate enough to attend one of his presentations, he may give you one of his beautiful rocks. He is a talented photographer and loves to photograph anything God created, especially birds. He spends many hours bird-watching and loves bass fishing from his boat.

For the last 25 years, Ranger Jim has been a popular tour guide for the Adventist Historic Village in Battle Creek, Michigan. He is married to Jo Anne and they have three grown children and seven grandchildren.
Rod Boothby was born in Bloomingdale, MI, and attended both Battle Creek Academy in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Sunnydale Adventist Academy in Missouri. He has an AAS degree as a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic, and for many years he managed a successful mobile home and construction company.

Rod has served in many church leadership roles, including vice chairman of the school board, youth leader, and Pathfinder director. He has two great passions: working with youth and a tremendous love of God’s second book, nature. He grew up on a farm and spent most of his boyhood days and nights outside in the forest, camping, exploring, and horseback riding. He has a special love for all creatures, their habitat, and most of all for their Creator, to whom all nature draws us more fully to appreciate and love. When Rod was a small boy, he attended many nature presentations given by our own “Ranger Jim” and considers him one of his great childhood mentors!

The Boothby family now lives in Northwest Montana. Their love for the Lord, nature, and young people has led them to develop a special ministry — a school for young men called "Mission Quest Academy," which offers “time-out” for young men ages 16+ to discover their potential and God’s purpose and plan for their lives. The school focuses on in-depth studies of God’s Word, character development, vocational training, and plenty of outdoor adventure. He is married to Marcia, and they have two daughters, Michelle and Alecia.

Rod is excited to be a part of our 3ABN Kids' Time ministry where he is able to share his love and knowledge of nature with children around the world!
Ben is the former director of News Channel 9 Science Theatre in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For 28 years, Ben has been a classroom teacher for grades 1-8. He also teaches science methods for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, is an adjunct instructor for Southern Adventist University, and is a teacher resource agent for the American Astronomical Society. He was voted Teacher of the Year for Gordon County Schools, and is the founder and president of The Science Zone Corporation that produces science DVD’s and science kits. Ben puts on science shows for schools and churches, conducts teacher in-services across North America, and teaches fascinating science lessons on 3ABN’s Kids’ Time.
Buddy lives in Michigan with his wife, Tina, and their six children: Adam, Hannah, Brandon, Jared, Jordan and Kadin--five boys and one girl! They keep very busy with school, church and work. One of the exciting things that Adam and Hannah participate in is Pathfinder Bible Achievement, where thousands of boys and girls study the Bible and answer questions from memory.

Buddy is a concert artist who enjoys not only performing but writing music for God. Some of his greatest musical memories were made at 3ABN with the Kids' Time Singers. “Someday when we get to Heaven,” Buddy says, “all of us can sing for Jesus together. Miss Brenda can sing with us and God will smile and shout, ‘That's a keeper!’”

Catie is a premed student at Walla Walla University in Washington state and plans to one day be a pediatric surgeon. She has a passion for missions and was a student missionary in Thailand for one year working at an orphanage in Bong Ti. She has traveled around the world and loves to learn all the various international recipes and cooking techniques. She enjoys all kinds of sports, including rock climbing, water skiing, snowboarding, and mountain climbing.

Catie started cooking with her mom as soon as she was old enough to sit on the kitchen counter and her love for cooking continues to grow. You can always find her in the kitchen creating new recipes! Why not try some of Catie's recipes in her cookbook, Cooking With Catie. And keep watching for new ones.