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Rich Aguilera

Rich Aguilera is known by many as “The Mud Guy.” He writes the nature column for Guide Magazine and now he’s excited to be teaching kids and adults about God’s nature on Kids’ Time.

One of his favorite activities is traveling. He has traveled to 49 of the 50 U.S. states, all 6 inhabited continents, and over 60 countries. When he travels, his goal is to immediately get out of the city and get himself surrounded by the nature God has created for us to enjoy on this planet.

Even though Rich originally studied architecture, a few years ago he started a ministry called One Mustard Seed. For several years now he’s been working full time producing audio and video resources, writing, as well as presenting dynamic speaking events all over the world. He loves to teach kids about God our creator because he’s aware that the secular world is working hard to convince kids that there is no God, and that we evolved from random chemical mixing (evolution). It makes him sad to think that there are people in the world that don’t know how awesome and powerful God is, so he travels all over sharing that news to kids and adults alike.

Rich is married to Ivette and has two boys, Leo and Alex. They live near Berrien Springs, Michigan. His parents were immigrants from Chile and Cuba so he learned Spanish at home as a child. When he grew up, he also spent a year living in France so that he could also learn French.

He hopes you always appreciate God’s nature no matter where you are or where you go. Says Rich, “Remember, God is the Creator. Nature is His masterpiece!”

Ranger D

"Ranger D"

Ranger Dwight has loved the outdoors for as long as he can remember. His grandfather grew up in the wilds, deep in the woods, and he shared with Dwight his love for nature. He had a passion for all the wonderful things in the out-of-doors that most people never get to experience. Thus, He encouraged in Dwight a spirit of adventure and curiosity about nature.

Today, Dwight continues to love the outdoors, where nature is truly God’s second book!




Rod Boothby was born in Bloomingdale, MI, and attended both Battle Creek Academy in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Sunnydale Adventist Academy in Missouri. He has an AAS degree as a licensed airframe and power plant mechanic, and for many years he managed a successful mobile home and construction company.

Rod has served in many church leadership roles, including vice chairman of the school board, youth leader, and Pathfinder director. He has two great passions: working with youth and a tremendous love of God’s second book, nature. He grew up on a farm and spent most of his boyhood days and nights outside in the forest, camping, exploring, and horseback riding. He has a special love for all creatures, their habitat, and most of all for their Creator, to whom all nature draws us more fully to appreciate and love. When Rod was a small boy, he attended many nature presentations given by our own “Ranger Jim” and considers him one of his great childhood mentors!

The Boothby family now lives in Northwest Montana. Their love for the Lord, nature, and young people has led them to develop a special ministry — a school for young men called "Mission Quest Academy," which offers “time-out” for young men ages 16+ to discover their potential and God’s purpose and plan for their lives. The school focuses on in-depth studies of God’s Word, character development, vocational training, and plenty of outdoor adventure. He is married to Marcia, and they have two daughters, Michelle and Alecia.

Rod is excited to be a part of our 3ABN Kids' Time ministry where he is able to share his love and knowledge of nature with children around the world!


Jim Snelling has had a passion for nature all of his life! He has warm memories of when he was a boy spending time with his dad out in God’s great outdoors as his dad patiently taught him about nature--God’s second lesson book. He has dedicated his life to instilling a love for nature in others—especially children. He has given nature talks for over fifty years at various schools, summer camps, churches, camp meetings, Pathfinder fairs and other events! He is well known for his incredible rock collection, and if you are fortunate enough to attend one of his presentations, he may give you one of his beautiful rocks. He is a talented photographer and loves to photograph anything God created, especially birds. He spends many hours bird-watching and loves bass fishing from his boat.

For the last 25 years, Ranger Jim has been a popular tour guide for the Adventist Historic Village in Battle Creek, Michigan. He is married to Jo Anne and they have three grown children and seven grandchildren.