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Learning Time Activities

What You Need:

  • 1 Nail
  • 2 Meters of Bell Wire (with ends stripped of insulation)
  • 1 1½ Volt Battery (AA)
  • Several Paper Clips

Bible Lesson:

Do your parents ever say to you, “Be Good, now”? Or perhaps it’s your teachers who will say, “Be good, OK”. Did you know that sometimes it’s just hard to be good? When are some of the times when it’s hard to be good? (i.e. - When someone calls you a name; pushes you; when mommy or daddy tells you it’s time to do something and you don’t want to.) Yes, these are all examples of when it’s hard to be good sometimes, isn’t it?

Do you know why there are times when it’s hard to be good and to obey? It’s because we’re weaklings. It’s true! When it comes to being good all the time, we’re pretty weak. But that’s no excuse to be naughty. When you’re weak you need to make yourself strong. For example, if you weren’t strong enough to lift this big weight, what should you do? Show the weight. Practice lifting weights till you get stronger! Yes!

How could you get stronger to be able to obey and be good more often? Would lifting weights help? No. How about clenching your fists. Or biting your lip? No.

Did you know that the only way to do good is to be good, and the only way to be good is to be close to Jesus? Being close to Jesus makes you stronger. I’ll show you what I mean.

Using the nail not connected to anything say – For our illustration, let’s pretend that you are this nail and these paper clips are times when you have to be good. Some of them represent cleaning up your room, being polite, sharing with others (etc.) Can the nail do good by picking up these paper clips just touching them. Can’t do it, can it?

Now, let’s connect this nail to this piece of wire by winding the wire around it (20 times). Let’s say that each wind of the wire is how many times you ask Jesus to help you do what is right each day.

Then we’ll connect the wire to this battery. I’m going to say that this battery represents Jesus. He’s a good source of power, don’t you think? When we need help doing the right thing we should ask Jesus. So let’s see what happens now? Wow! How many paper clips did it pick up? It got a few didn’t it, but not many. There’s still some left. So what should we do? Let’s connect to Jesus more by making more winds. This means that we’re talking to Jesus more and more. (Wrap another 10 times.)

So now we’ll do it again but this time with an even better connection to the nail. This means that we are asking Jesus to help us in everything we do. Now when we connect it to the battery let’s see how many paperclips it will pick up. Wow! A lot more, doesn’t it.

How does that happen? Jesus told us in the Bible that when we’re connected to Him for strength and power, we can do all things, but “without Him we can do nothing”. So the secret to living the life that Jesus wants us to live is to have a strong connection to Him – the source of all goodness and power to live a life of goodness.

I want to live a good life for Jesus, don’t you? So what should we all do? Talk the Jesus more in prayer, read stories about Jesus in the Bible, be sure to come to Sabbath (Sunday) School and Church every week. In this way we’ll get all the strength we need to live a life for Jesus.

  1. Wind the bell wire around the nail (about 20 times).
  2. Place the paper clips in a heap on the table.
  3. Have a student hold the nail above the heap of
    paper clips, then touch the two ends of the wire to
    the battery poles and let the student raise the nail.
  4. Have the student count the number of clips picked up.
  5. Wind another 10 loops of the wire around the nail
    and complete the circuit again. Again, have the
    student count the number of clips picked up. Don’t
    leave the wires connected to the battery too long
    as the wires will get very hot.


  1. How many paper clips were picked up the first time?
  2. How many paper clips were picked up the second time, when the wire was wound
    around the nail 10 more times?
  3. What made the coil become a magnet?
  4. What affect did increasing the number of windings have on the magnetic attraction
    force of the nail?
  5. Would removing the nail weaken or strengthen the magnetic attraction?
  6. Name things that are magnetic or are attracted by a magnet?
  7. How can you use an electromagnet to make another nail into a magnet?

    “When an electric current flows through a coil, it acts as a magnet. By placing an iron rod inside the coil, the magnetic lines pass through the iron rod and the coil becomes a much stronger magnet—as long as the electric current flows through the coil. The more windings in the coil, the stronger the magnetic force. This force is also directly proportional to the magnitude of current.”

    When electromagnetism was first discovered it was used by magicians.
    Electromagnets can lock and unlock doors. They are used to sort out steel from other Materials in a scrapyard. They are found in electric motors and help start the motors. An electric motor is essentially an electromagnet that is made to rotate within a stationary magnet. They can pick up, carry, and move steel from place to place. Hospitals use strong electromagnets to get a picture of the insides of people. This is called MRI and stands for magnetic residence imaging. They are also used to levitate trains.
    Electromagnets and electromagnetic fields are used in motors.
    Electromagnets are also use in speaker systems and receiver systems in televisions