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Ants are fascinating little guys. Did you know they can lift 20 times their own body weight? Have you ever seen them carrying around things that are larger than they are? Well, with all that heavy lifting, ants are sure to be very hungry. You can feed the ants in your yard and watch how quickly they eat their food. What kind of foods do you think they like the best?



  • Ant Hill
  • Jar of Honey
  • Leaves or Grass
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Sugar
  • Piece of Lettuce
  • Small Amount of Tuna Fish
  • Spoon


  • Find an anthill in your yard. Looks for signs of activity to make sure ants are living there.
  • Experiment with some foods to find out what your ants like to eat.
  • Spread some honey on a couple of leaves or blades of grass, lay out some small bread crumbs, spread out a little sugar, tear up some lettuce into tiny pieces, and spoon out a bit of tuna fish. Make sure the different foods are at least an inch apart and that they're an equal distance from the ant colony.
  • Walk away and give the ants some time to check out the different foods. Come back after a few minutes to see what the ants are taking and what they're leaving. What do the foods the ants take have in common? What about the foods they don't want?
Bible Lesson
When God created the animals He provided for all of their needs. He created the ants with their unusual strength because He knew they would need it. And He gave them the ability to search out and find the food they need to feed their big family.Just like Jesus loves the little ants He created, He loves you.

When He created you, He knew exactly what you would need. He also said you shouldn’t worry about the things you need because He has promised to take care of you just like He takes care of all the animals.