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• The New episodes will feature our NEW RANGER! Rich Aguilera! (7/26/14)

  • CONTEST for KING and QUEEN is now closed. Remaining entries will be posted and in the next couple of weeks winners will be chosen. Please send us ideas that you would like to see for the next contest. (7/26/14)
  • Added images of the Bible and Certificate that you receive when you complete the KIDS CLUB lessons. Also added pictures of the Creation Circle and NEW print of Jesus you will receive when you finish the My Bible First Lessons. If you experience any problems on the new system---please email me and let me know so I can fix the errors! (6/21/14)
  • Did you know we have a new Ranger? Coming soon to the KIDS TIME episodes will be Rich Aguilera! Check out his biography here. (6/11/14)
  • NEW MY BIBLE FIRST LESSONS are now available on the new QUIZ SYSTEM. Once completed you will receive a free ceration circle, a frameable illustration of Jesus and other items. (/31/14) Please let us know if you find any mistakes on the new system. It helps to work out the bugs.
  • June Contest is up! (5/31/14)
  • Praise Time is looking for musical talent! Send a link to a YouTube demo and our Praise Time Committee will review it! (5/1/14)
  • May Challenge is up! (5/1/14)
  • APRIL Bible Challenge is posted! (3/29/14)
  • AN ALL NEW KIDS CLUB BIBLE LESSON QUIZ MANAGER has been set up. We moved all the lessons to this new system. You can now take them on your ipad or iphone devices. We made some changes to the lessons/quizzes, but they are the same. IF YOU WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING THE LESSONS when the old system went down we apologize greatly. We will not be able to allow you to pick up the quizzes where you were, you will need to start over. If you have any questions please email me. I will be happy to help. The biggest changes are NO MORE INDIVIDUAL PASSWORDS. You will need to set up an account with our test mananger software in order to take the tests. Let us know what you think. It took over a year to make this happen. We will be moving the MY BIBLE FIRST and the MY BIBLE FIRST SPANISH quizzes to the same system. Eventually we will be adding all new lessons and quizzes. God Bless! (3/29/14)
  • New MAIN contest is posted! KING OR QUEEN? Check it out! (3/7/14)
  • New MARCH Bible Challenge is posted! (2/28/14)
  • Contest Winners for the MY SPECIAL PET contest have been posted! Please see the Entry pages for the winners. If you are a winner please allow 2-4 weeks for your prizes to arrive. (2/15/14)
  • New animal feature added! Check it out at the link below (2/15/14)
  • New Section has been added to the NATURE TIME links. It is called NATURE TIME FEATURES. In this section we will post some more about the awesome animals and creation you learn about in the Nature Time segment on Kids Time. The first post is about Kangaroos. Check it out and be sure to download the activity sheets for some fun and learning. (2/1/14)
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR from the KidsTime4Jesus Team! We posted a new KT challenge today for January. (12/31/13)
  • December 2013 Kids Time Challenge has been posted! (11/30/13)
  • NEW STORE is up! Check out the new KIDS' TIME II DVDS! ALL NEW EPISODES OF KIDS' TIME! (11/1/13)
  • New Bible Challenge for November! (11/1/13)
  • New STORE (ORDER STUFF) coming soon! New items added. Stay tuned (10/31/13)
  • A new link has been added to Praise Time (Praise Time Cds and Links). Here you will find some of your favorite Praise Time Singers and Musicians and links to their personal websites, where to order cds, and more! More updates coming soon to this page! Keep checking back! (10/25/13)
  • If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the kids club lessons or notice the My Bible First lessons are not working, we are trying to resolve the issues by creating a new version of the lessons. Please keep checking back! (10/25/13)
  • New Taping Dates for Kids Time! Would you like to be on Learning Time with Ben Roy, or do you have a unique way of Sharing Jesus? Check out the new dates! Join Us! (10/17/13)
  • New Kids' Time Challenge for October, Sorry I am a little late. Check it out! (10/4/13)
  • NEW MAIN CONTEST has been posted! Check it out! click here (9/21/13)
  • CONTEST WINNERS Have been announced for the UNDER THE WATER COLORING CONTEST! We have a new contest developing, stay tuned for details! (8/24/13)
  • New Kids' Time Praise DVD added to the ORDER STUFF/STORE link. Check it out, over 62 songs sung by the Kids' Time Praise singers accompanied by Brenda Walsh and Jimmy Rhodes! (6/21/13)
  • LEARNING TIME NEEDS YOU! Join us July 1-3 at the 3ABN Studios in West Frankfort, IL for the 2013 taping of Learning Time. Meet Ben Roy, Miss Brenda, Maxwell and more! Check out the details. (5/13/13)
  • New Kids' Time Contest is up. Finish the UNDERWATER DRAWING. Can't wait to see everyone's submissions! We hope you are enjoying the contests! (5/11/13)
  • New KIDS TIME CHALLENGE for MAY has been posted, it's a little early, but figured no one would mind! Give a shout out and let us know if you are enjoying the contests! Email us! (4/27/13)
  • CONTEST WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN! Check the entry pages to find out if you have won. We will be mailing out prizes this week. We already have the next contest picked out and should be up shortly! (4/20/13)
  • Check out our new KidsTime4Jesus YouTube Channel. We have posted a selection of New Kids' Time Praise Video Segments. We will be adding more of them more often as well as Story Time clips! (4/20/13) You can also view the video playlist for Praise Time from Here!
  • I will be posting the last of the entries for the coloring contest, hopefully this weekend and next week. If you don't see your entry, please be patient as I have received a lot in the mail this week. Thanks everyone!! CQ (4/4/13)
  • New AIR DATES have been announced. New episodes will be airing soon! Check it out!! (2/22/13)
  • COMING SOON!....An all new layout of the KIDS' CLUB LESSONS as well as a new layout and a lot more kids questions and answers on the TALK TIME page. Keep checking back for the new updates! (2/18/13)
  • NEW CONTEST is up! COLORING CONTEST! Check it out! (2/7/13)
  • What do you think of our new home page? Email us and let us know! We will have some more changes coming soon. Thanks for your patience. Kids' Time website is a volunteer ministry. We hope you enjoy exploring the site! (2/6/13)
  • Winners prizes for the CAPTION CONTEST have been shipped! Congrats to all. New contest will be posted soon. It will be a lot of fun! Hint: get out your crayons, colored pencils, paint...etc. (1/28/13)
  • WINNERS for the CAPTION CONTEST HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED. (1/19/13) Congrats to the winners and great job to all the entries. We already have the next contest picked out–We will be posting that very quickly. Good luck! For the winners, please alllow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • The CAPTION CONTEST HAS ENDED! Please keep checking back to see updates to the contest pages as we receive the rest of the postmarked entries. (1/3/13)