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The lighthouse stands right in the middle of the island and is a great place to climb in order to see the entire island.

Here’s a picture from the top of the lighthouse. You can see the entire island from up there!

The cave we visited also had some stalactites.

The water in the cave was actually very clear. It was also very dark.

I’m so glad my kids got in the water with me, too!

The beaches in Bermuda are very pretty. There’s even a beach with pink sand!

The color of the ocean around Bermuda is an amazing blue!

This is a picture of the little cove where I jumped off the cliffs and went snorkeling. The water was so clear!

Here’s a close up of the snail we found. Smile!

When I was snorkeling I actually saw several different cowfish.

This is type of brain coral. There were many types of coral there.

This was a pretty big parrotfish. It didn’t seem to mind that it was being recorded because it just kept eating.

Cowabunga! Don’t worry; the water was pretty deep in the spot where I landed.

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