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A temperate rainforest is usually a cool, cloudy place.

During my hike in the rainforest
I came across this nice little bridge to cross over a stream.

This is the view from the center of the bridge over the stream.
What a lush, green place!

From the center of the bridge, this is what it looked like looking straight down.

This is a typical few of what it looked like when you looked straight up!

Most of the trees have some sort of moss growing on them giving them these fuzzy looking branches.

Here’s a close up of some of the moss on the tree trunks.

The moss seems to grow everywhere, even on this old fallen tree trunk.

Here’s another look at the moss growing on a tree trunk.

This is a close up of the bark on these large trees. The bark is very thick. When you knock on it with your hand it sounds kind of hollow.

This is what it looks like zip-lining over the forest canopy! Cowabunga!

The moss even grows on the floor.
Some parts of the forest floor are as soft as a pillow!

Ferns grow spores on the underside of the fern fronds.

You can see the tiny spores on my fingers in this photograph. When the air blows, the spores fly through the air and land somewhere new to grow.

Mushrooms grow in the forest because they love cool, damp environments.

I saw plenty of snails, too. They also love cool, damp environments.

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