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Q: Should I just stand there when my friend is trying to hurt someone, or should I try to tell him about Jesus?
A: Dear Nicole,
When we are with someone who is trying to hurt someone else, we should never just stand there, or we become a part of what they’re doing wrong. Tell your friend that you don’t agree with what he is doing, and that you can’t have friends like that. If he chooses to keep trying to hurt people, then go somewhere else. What does he value more – you friendship, or being able to hurt someone else.

And of course, absolutely try to share Jesus with your friend. Start by praying for Him. Jesus prayed for people. He prayed for His disciples. He prayed for you and me (read John chapter 17). He prayed that they would be protected from the devil’s temptations; He prayed that they would be sanctified by God’s truth. We can pray that same thing for others. God can reach people’s hearts and help them to understand things that we never could. When you’re praying for your friend, or others, ask God to give you opportunities to share His love. Then look for those opportunities to tell others about Jesus. Tell your friend that Jesus taught that we will never be happy going through life trying to hurt others. Jesus taught that happiness comes from helping others. And if your friend doesn’t seem to care about what you say, keep praying and looking for those opportunities. Jesus will send His angels to help you. And you, always remember to stand up for what’s right, and not be a part of what you know is wrong. That’s how you can be an example by standing for Jesus!

Thanks for writing, and remember, there's never been a better time to share Jesus!

Your friend,
Pastor Howard

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*Note: All Scripture references are from the English Standard Version unless otherwise indicated.