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Here you can read some of your questions that have been answered by the Kids' Time Pastor.
The newer questions will be at the bottom.

How come God and Jesus didn't make us on heaven if they knew what was going to happen? I mean they knew the future, so why didn't they try to stop what was going to happen? 
What would of happened if adam didn't eat the fruit that eve ate that they weren't supposed to eat? 
Why did allow Satan into existence if he new he would rebelled? Is there other worlds like ours? If there are other worlds do the come to visit in the UFOs claimed to seen? Are there other worlds like ours that have fallen? Who are the 24 elders? 
Why do people sin? 
If Jesus never killed people then why when he comes back he is not going to save other bad people? That's like killing... 
Does God really love us? 
Are we going to be different races in heaven? Will we be different shades and colors still? 
Why didn't satan die in the flood? 
A friend of mine father smokes do you think she and her family will go to heaven? 
10  What should i do to go to heaven? 
11  Why did god make lucifer if he knew what was in the future like sin? 
12  When we get to heaven can we ask God questions? Can we bring something with us to heaven? Will our guardian angels be with us when we get to heaven? 
13  Why didn't satan didn't get baptized? 
14  Who made God?  
15  I have problems getting along with my friends. They sometimes tease me. How do I get them to stop?  
16  If Moses went to heaven if he died, is he still alive? 
17  Will we go to heaven on a flying boat? or will we actually fly on a cloud? 
18  Why did Jesus die? 
19  How does Jesus know our thoughts? 
20  How was God made did he just show up one day? 
21  Why is the sabbath so important?  
22  I have something that I want to bring heaven when Jesus comes can I bring it or not? Because this object is very special to me it's my teddy bear his name is Brownie.  
23  Should you be friends with people who just want to be fiends with you because they want your money?  
24  How do you know that Jesus is alway with you?  
25  The neighborhood kids love the show but I was wondering what is your denomination because you believe angels watch over the kids. Some kids fall and get hurt or worse so I am not sure God means that they will be protected every time they get in trouble. What do you teach?  
26  Why cant we remember our past like when we were babies and smaller kids? 
27  Why does Satan love the bad things we do but he still hates us? 
28  If there was no sin in heaven how did lucifer begin to sin and become the devil? 
29  Does Jesus send out prayers to God while we're praying or after.  
30  Is GOD and JESUS the same person? 
31  Why did God make the earth? 
32  You know when it is Jesus birthday how come they put up santa claus and not Jesus? 
33  Why don't S.D.A don't go to the movies? 
34  How was the first person to live, born? 
35  In bible times were people gaints? 
36  I don't understand why we have to stay here in this wicked world just Because Adam and Eve made a wrong decision? 
37  Did Esther have children and how long did she rule and was she buried in the royal tombs. 
38  Does angels wings have feathers? 
39  How come Jesus or Angel never spoke to me? 
40  Why do people say after you die you go to heaven and if you go to heaven after death, why dont people want to die??????? 
41  How do you tell the difference between wanting to do something, and actually being called by the Lord to do something? 
42  Can you help me because i have a friend that is very mean what should i do? 
43  Did Mary and Joseph, Jesus's parents go to heaven? 
44  How come Jesus or Angel never spoke to me? 
45  My uncles were talking about we should pray or worship directly to GOD the father or jesus? 
46  Is it okay to believe in superstions? 
47  A lot of people say that the devil can be changed and go to heaven is that true i know that God forgives us but can he forgive satan for his sins that he comitted to his children? 
48  I live in a group home, and a couple of my staff have never read the bible, and rarely go to church. I tried to minister to them, so they would one day be in heaven, and they got mad. Did I say something wrong, or am I just a bad speaker of Jesus? 
49  What if you are a christian but for once in your religion you sin. do you think God would hold it against you and you dont go to heaven? 
50  Dear pastor, when the Sunday Law is past all over the world .will the devil be allowed to kill us?(the clear word bible says they wont kill us) 
51  Why do people draw jesus and they do not know how he looks? 
52  Is Paul is heaven? or did he die here on earth?  
53  What year was jesus born in 
54  Why did Lucifer think that Jesus was bad and that Jesus was making a big mistake when he wanted to make a new world? 
55  How come angels never go to bed? Why does God pray he is able to do everything?  
56  When we get to heaven will we still have our free will? If yes, do you think that that someone will sin? 
57  I just wanted to ask, what do you believe that the creatures in Job 40-41 are? I don't really think that the behemoth is an elephant, because an elephant does not have a tail like a cedar! 
58  I want to know what us Faith? 
59  What color is Jesus? 
60  If you are not baptized, can you still go to Heaven? 
61  How come Jesus or his angels never goes to bed? 
62  I want to get baptized but i read the bible sometimes and I don't know what some words that they say in the bible mean? 
63  Are we going to meet our friends in HEAVEN? 
64  One time we went to a bible class and I wanted to read the BIBLE, and i was keep reading and it said in the bible dumb what does that mean? Is that a bad word? 
65  If you are baptized Is it good to say bad words? 
66  I always have trouble with getting along with my brother and sisters what should i do? 
67  If we are baptized and then blaspheme what will happen to us? 
68  If you do something wrong will the lord punish you? 
69  Where does Jesus live? 
70  How does Jesus answer our prayers? 
71  What is budaism? 
72  I) Why are all angels boys? 2)How many angels are in heaven? 3)Why did God let John the disciple know the future 
73  1) How does jesus look like? 2) who are gods parents? 
74  Why did God make Satan even though God knew that in the future Satan would cause sin? 
75  How will we get to Heaven? 
76  What do the heads of the beast symbolize? 
77  Is dating right or wrong for a 14 year old? 
78  Why did Eve take the Fruit? 
79  No man can serve two masters? 
80  Why does Satan love the bad things we do but hates us? 
81  Why do people believe in evolution? 
82  Doing secular things on the Sabbath? 
83  I'm scared about the Sunday law... 
84  Will we remember our loved ones in the resurrection? 
85  This is interesting to know anyway, do you know which language was spoken by adam?  
86  Why is it that everyone asks why do I wear skirts? And how come my Grandma says "Why are you homeschooled"? I am sick of them asking me. 
87  Kids are always teasing me and i don't know why. Why do kids tease other kids when their popular and everything else? 
88  Hi if you have done something wrong and then you ask god for his forgiveness and you truly are sorry for it but later you say no and regret saying sorry for it will God still forgive you? 
89  What colour is Jesus/how old is God?  
90  Why did you become a pastor?  
91  Will God hear my plea all the time?  
92  Did God die on the cross cause He cared about us? 
93  Why do we keep Sabbath on Saturday and not on Sunday? I already emailed u and did not get a email back so I am trying it again.  
94  Does god show signs of his coming often? 
95  Will there be Whales or Dolphins in heaven??? 
96  If God knew that satan would turn out to be evil then why did god make him. I mean god could choose, he doesn't like evil. 
97  What is a communion service and what is the meaning of it.  
98  I want to know why Jesus did not come and take the good people to heven?  
99  Why did Adam and Eve disobey God? 
100  A girl at my school asked me:Does God love people who aren't Seventh Day Adventists? I said yes, but I wasn't sure and didn't Want to disappoint my friend. Did I do the right thing in this situation? 
101  How did Lucifer(Satan) turn into a bad person? 
103  How was God always there? 
104  When will Jesus come? When will we see GOD?  
105  Does Jesus love Sinners? 
106  If Satan knows that he will be killed in the lake of fire when Jesus comes, then why doesn't he stop being bad?  
107  Was jesus there even before he was created even when creation was getting done?  
108  When is God coming back? 
109  How was God created? 
110  How do I know when I have Jesus in my heart? 
111  1. If there is a loving God then why is there so much evil going around 2. If Gods loves us then why does he let us suffer like this?  
112  My mom is 30 and she never returns my calls I sometimes get frustrated with people that love me what should I do? 
113  I am scared that I won't make it to Heaven. 
114  Hi Pastor Mark, I would like to know these questions. 1. How come if God knows that Satan is mean how come he doesn't kill him? 2. How come God created satan? 3. How come Satan die in the flood? 4. How come God knew that Satan was going to be evil so how come he allowed Satan in heaven? 5. There is a friend of mine well she isn't really my friend but she is bossy and things and she has just gotten on my nerves. What should I do?  
115  Why did the flood have to be 40 days and 40 nights?  
116  Why is the war in heaven not the first thing in the Bible? 
117  123345 23432432 2 
118  What to do when you don't go to church? 
119  Should I just stand there when my friend is trying to hurt someone, or should I try to tell him about Jesus? 
120  Why doesn't God talk to us like He did in the Bible days? 
121  Does God forgive us even when we do wrong? How old should children be when they are baptized? 
122  Why is the devil God's enemy? 
123  Is there a biblical age of accountability? 
124  How far is heaven away from earth? 
125  Did giving birth to Jesus hurt Mary? 
126  How did Delilah die? 
127  How did God rise from the dead? 
128  Are we waiting for the Sunday law? 
129  How do I get my friend to stop texting me? 
130  Lily 
131  Did SDA church come from baptists? What about head coverings? 
132  How can we know God is real? 
133  If parents are 7-day-Adventists and they do what's right, if they have a child and she/he dies at birth, will the child go to heaven?  
134  How did God make us? 
135  What is the meaning of 1 John 5:16? 
136  Do you think the world is very close to end because there are earthquakes happening all over the world? The bible says that when earthquakes are happening in the world that means it is getting to be the end of the world. 
137  Why didn't God destroy Satan the minute he turned away?  
138  How old were Adam & Eve when God made them? 
139  How do we know that the bible is real? What if it is just a novel from that time?  
140  Why did God have to make Sunday laws before he comes if he knows that some of us might get killed during that time and he loves us all very much? 
141  My mom lets me have a phone and I charge it every to week or so. And my question is: Is it OK to charge your phone on sabbath? 
142  Will there be Animals in Heaven? 
143  How do I know the difference between wanting to get something and coveting? 
144  How old do you have to be to get Baptized? 
145  Why did God make people? Is it okay to play on the Seventh day? 
146  Why did Jesus die for our sins and not the Father or the Holy Spirit? 
147  Who created or made God? 
148  how can you become a Prophet of God? 
149  Is God sleeping? I would like to know is God real? 
150  Is God sleeping? I would like to know is God real? 
151  Will there be any pets in heaven? 
152  I would like to know your veiw of the false prophets saying that JESUS is coming and they are giving dates. As a seventh day adventist I dont beleive that I know JESUS is coming but no one knows the day the hour or the minute of his coming. 
153  If God said in the Ten Commandments not to kill, why did he allow wars in the Bible?  
154  Why didnt God stop sin? God knows the future so why didnt He stop it from happening 
155  Will god forgive people no matter what they did? 
156  How can God speak to you? 
157  I want to know why the bible says all the Right thing's we do are like filthy rags and then in ephesians 6:1 it says children Obey your parents in the lord for this is RIGHT? 
158  How did Satan become jealous? did god cause Satan to be jealous?  
159  This is a question for the pastor: 1: Could SDA's wear nail polish and fake nails. Some pastors say no and some say who cares.I kinda wanna fit in school but my mom think its not right. 2: Could SDA's celebrate independence and shoot fireworks. I really want 2, but once again my mom thinks its not right. 
160  How did Jesus die on the Cross for us? 
161  Is the Golden Rule a verse from the Bible? 
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