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Kids' Time would not be the same without a host of volunteers that willingly
share their time and talents so that millions of children around the world
can learn about Jesus! All those associated with Kids’ Time appreciate the volunteers more than they could possibly know, and give their sincere thanks! Keep reading so you will know who these special people are and what they do for Kids’ Time.
Chrystique "CQ"

Chrystique Neibauer Chrystique is the web designer for Kids' Time. She loves the Lord with all her heart and serves Him best by using her God-given art talents for His greater glory.

Chrystique is from Wisconsin, which is where she got her art degree, but currently lives in Chattanooga, TN–where she owns a graphic arts business.

She loves drawing and being in the outdoors. She is always happiest when serving others.


Mellisa Hoffman
Mellisa has been a huge asset to the Kids' Time ministry. She is the Kids' Time Production Assistant. She wears many hats for Kids' Time.

She loves to help others. She has two children, Hannah and Lance.


Set Designer
Mark Bond
Mark is a graduate of Southwestern Adventist University with a B.S. in corporate communication. He is Director of Communication for the Southwestern Union of Seventh-day Adventists in Burleson, Texas. Along with his focus in print, design, and video, he also writes and produces music with his wife, Conna, and their four children and has performed for both Kids’ Time and Kids’ Time Praise.

Mark designed the Kids’ Time logo and the new Kids’ Time set. He was the director and producer for the opening graphics for Kids’ Time and Kids’ Time Praise and is basically willing to do whatever is needed, including taking the lead part in some of the Bible story segments and substituting as production assistant for some Nature Time shoots. He allows the Lord to use him in so many creative ways. His contributions have significantly helped make Kids’ Time what it is today.

"I know that every good idea comes from the Creator," says Mark. "It's a joy to participate in God's creative process." He states that being able to do what you enjoy and knowing that you are helping to further God's kingdom is a "win-win" situation.

Kids' Time Script Writer
Conna Bond
Conna Bond has been our Kid’s Time scriptwriter for over eight years. She writes for both the Kid’s Time programs and the openings for Kid’s Time Praise. She watches hours and hours of our taped Bible stories so that each open matches what is going on in the Bible story for that program. She has a special gift for bringing out meaningful spiritual lessons.

Conna has been blessed with so many talents. She is not only a writer but has also been has an incredible voice and previously sang with the Heritage Singers as well as for various evangelistic meetings.

She is married to Mark Bond and they have four precious children. Their family is a favorite on Kid’s Time Praise, and they have also appeared in several Bible story segments. She has a law degree from the University of Florida, and works from home as a freelance writer and fulltime homeschool mom. Formerly from Montana, the Bond family now lives in Keene, Texas.

Kids' Time Floor Director
Larry Mc Lucas
Larry has been a fulltime volunteer at 3ABN for many years and does just about anything that needs to be done. One of the very special jobs he has is our Kids' Time floor director. He is by far the BEST one Kids' Time has ever had! The kids love him! This is no easy job! He is responsible for keeping things running smoothly during the actual taping of programs. And he is a master at keeping the kids happy during the occasional long waits between taping!

He has a natural fun-loving personality and a love for children. That combination makes him perfect with kids. Larry has an enormous amount of patience and pays attention to every detail--all with a smile on his face! He greets kids when they arrive, shows them around, clues them in on taping tips and even makes sure the parents have every need taken care of.

You can often see Larry playing games with the kids between tapings, taking care of wardrobe changes for Maxwell (changing his neck scarves), praying with a nervous first-timer, or just about anything else that is needed! Everyone loves Larry and that is because he loves Jesus and that love shines on everyone he meets! Kids' Time would NOT be the same without him.

Story Time Coordinator

Linda Johnson
Linda is the Kids' Time story coordinator and is involved with every aspect of production, from choosing the Bible stories, inviting and booking the guests, to making sure that all the stories are Biblically correct. She works with Lucy, Kids’ Time costume designer, so that each character will have the appearance that is needed, even at times helping with the trickiest part of the costume--applying head-dresses, She also helps the guests understand each story and how best to portray the Bible character as well as informing the Kids' Time director, Brad Walker, so he can instruct the camera crew on which shots to take. Linda even helps decorate the set to get “just the right look. It takes long hard hours of work to coordinate it all.

Linda is the host of 3ABN’s Tiny Tots for Jesus program and has a passion for sharing Jesus with young people. She also has a vibrant prayer ministry and prays with anyone in need. Linda is someone who has experienced the power of prayer and believes God’s promise in Matthew 21:22 that “Anything you pray believing, you will receive.”

She enjoys backpacking, taking nature walks, baking bread for friends and neighbors. and spending time with her family. Linda and her husband, Jim, have a son, Jim, and a daughter-in-law, Julie, who have given them two precious grandchildren, Jack and Janie.

Kids' Time Set Builders
Larry and Jan Lanaville
Before retiring and moving to 3ABN, Larry and Jan were running a successful construction company in Madison, Wisconsin, building million dollar homes, Now they are working full time for Jesus building sets, including the new Kids’ Time set. But that’s not all they do.

Larry and Jan head up a host of other volunteers who come from all over the United States to donate their time so that kids everywhere can learn more about Jesus. Their Love for God shines through in all they do—which is about everything, from pounding nails, to acting in the Kids' Time Bible stories, to cleaning up. No task is beneath them. They are a truly a blessing sent from the Lord.

Kids' Time Costume Designer

Lucy Neuharth
Lucy started sewing doll clothes by hand when she was just three years old! Her passion for sewing continued throughout her adult life. She attended Pacific Union College in Angwin, California and married Dick Neuharth. Together they raised five fantastic children, while Lucy sewed most of their clothes.

The Neuharth’s live in Monroe, Washington where for many years they raised calves and owned and operated a tire business. Lucy takes care of office work and also manages a mattress and liquidation store. But her real passion is sewing. Lucy prayed earnestly for over two years for the Lord to use her talent for His honor and glory. Then, four years ago God opened the door for her to be the Kids' Time costume designer. She sews costumes almost every day and volunteers all of her time and much of the material too! Because of Lucy, Kids' Time now has a wardrobe department that would impress the most talented designer in Hollywood. God blessed Lucy with a tremendous talent and now she is using this talent to win souls for Jesus!

Sharing Time Assistants, Deena and Alanna

Deena and Alanna Nixon

Deena Nixon has been happily married to Brian for twenty-five years and plan to be together for eternity. She graduated from PUC and taught elementary school before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She has homeschooled their three children for fifteen years. Aside from her love of children, Deena has a heart for seniors and is now working as a senior caregiver, and loves going to work each day! She has participated in mission trips to Fiji and Kenya, and has volunteered locally at the Humane Society and various projects with daughter, Alanna.

Alanna Nixon is excited about Jesus and volunteering. She is currently a junior in high school. She is also taking dual credit classes at the local community college. Her first big local volunteer job was when she was eleven and she and her friend raised $38,000 to build a playground for children with autism and other mental and physical challenges. She has been on mission trips to Fiji, the San Juan Islands, and Nicaragua. She is part of a volunteer group in the greater Puget Sound, Washington area call Youth Leading Youth. She is thrilled to be the Assistant Sharing Time Coordinator for Miss Brenda.


Story Time Production Assistants

Lee and Anne Jamieson
Lee and Anne Jamieson have a special place in their hearts for children. They long for children everywhere to know how much God loves them. That is why they have donated so many years at Kids' Time helping to make the Bible come alive to kids around the world. They have been involved in almost every Bible Story on Kids' Time. Both act in the Bible stories as shoppers, workers and main story tellers. Ann assists Lucy Neuharth in the costume department, sewing, washing clothes, helping to dress the Bible characters. Lee has helped in building, acting and floor directing on the set. They even help with decorating the set and clean up every night after taping! Every year, Lee spends six months growing out his beard…..just for Story Time!! (Thank you Anne!) We love and appreciate Lee and Anne as they are mighty workers for God.

Learning Time Coordinator

Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson has been a teacher and pastor, but her current focus is mothering her four wonderful children and supporting her husband, Geoff, in his pastoral ministry. She is also an inspirational speaker, writer, and business woman. She holds a BA in English literature and an MA in Religion. She loves creatively communicating Biblical truth to people of all ages and helping people who are already Christians truly benefit from what they profess to believe.
Her greatest joy is found in connecting people to Jesus so He can bring healing and truth into their lives and encouraging people as they become free to grow into their God-given identity and destiny.

Kids' Club Director

Bernice and Jim Micheff

Bernice is Kids' Club director and “Pastor” Jim is her right-hand assistant. Bernice spends many hours every day with Kids' Club. She opens letters, sorts them according to lessons, takes lessons to her helpers to be corrected, and picks up the graded lessons. She keeps computer records, corrects addresses, labels the mail, and prepares packets for mailing by sorting by country, weighing and applying postage and then bagging the packets. Jim’s job is to take the mail to the post office, where he picks up more mail, and the process begins again.

Bernice also answers all the email that comes to kidstime@3abn.org, except what she sends to Miss Brenda to answer. She also records the addresses of kids joining Kids' Club. In 2009 there were over 11,000 kids from more than a hundred countries around the world taking Kids' Club Bible lessons!

Bernice and Jim love Jesus with all their hearts and raised all five of their children to love Jesus, too! They have three girls and two boys who are married to wonderful Christian spouses and working for Jesus full time! They also have eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren. They love taking nature walks with their German Shepherd “Rex,” riding on their four-wheelers, and working in their garden. But most of all, they love sharing Jesus with every one they meet!
Mickey Miller

Kids' Club Assistant
Mickey Miller has been a longtime volunteer with Kids' Club. Her main job is correcting the Bible lessons. She also helps assemble the packets. It takes a lot of work to keep up with the volume of mail Kids' Club receives and it would not be possible without the support of volunteers. Mickey considers Kids’ Club her mission, and counts it a blessing to see firsthand the thousands of children studying God’s Word through these Bible lessons!

Mickey has dedicated her life to serving Jesus. In addition to Kids’ Time, she volunteers at the Alma Michigan Twin Cities Food Pantry each month as well as the Gratiot Community Services Center. She is the church clerk and a deaconess for the Alma Michigan Twin Cities Seventh-day Adventist Church. She is married to Galen and they have two beautiful grown daughters and four grandchildren. Her hobbies include various crafts and watercolor painting—but her mission is kids!

Kids' Club Assistant
Kay Wold
Kay Wold works tirelessly on Kids' Club, grading quizzes, entering data into the computer, and mailing out Kids' Club lessons. She volunteers all her time, never expecting anything in return. She is always quick to help anytime she is asked. In addition to Kids’ Club, she enjoys spending time with her family, taking nature walks, biking and doing anything she can to help others. She is married to Harley and they, have two grown sons, four grandchildren, and one great grandchild.