Ranger Dwight

“Nature is God's second book, so get out there an take a look!”


Ranger Dwight

Ranger Dwight has loved the outdoors for as long as he can remember. His grandfather grew up in the wilds, deep in the woods, and he shared with Dwight his love for nature. He had a passion for all the wonderful things in the out-of-doors that most people never get to experience. Thus, He encouraged in Dwight a spirit of adventure and curiosity about nature.

In 1985 Dwight started a publishing company called Remnant Publications. He felt God urging Him to print and sell Christian books and other literature all over the world, spreading these materials far and wide like the leaves of autumn. 

Remnant Publications has returned to Michigan where Dwight grew up. Currently, he and his wife live in the Michigan woods, where they can listen to owls hooting and watch curious wild animals romping nearby. Now their three children are grown, and Dwight and Deb have five grandchildren. 

Today, Dwight continues to love the outdoors, where nature is truly God’s second book!

ranger-dwight with echidna  Ranger Dwight on Ropes course

Ranger Dwight and Kids in canoe at Camp Au Sable

Ranger Dwight at Binder Park Zoo