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Bernice Micheff filling out Kids Club packets.
Bernice Micheff, Kids Club Director
She is our Kids Club director and has been since the very beginning. She works tirelessly, opening the mail, reading the letters, entering all the child’s information on the computer, grading the quiz sheets, stuffing envelopes, mailing the lessons, etc. It’s fair to say that Kids Club consumes 90% of her time. Through the years, she has had volunteers who helped out, but for the last couple of years, my mom has managed the entire operation herself. She does appreciate it, though, when my dad and other family members occasionally help out by collating the lessons.

Most people want to retire when they turn 85, but my mom works from morning till night–never complaining. She is a full-time volunteer and hasn’t received a penny for her work. She only praises God that He has given her a ministry in which to serve Him. Currently, there are over 40,000 children taking Kids Club lessons from 120 different countries.

Lucy and Dick
Lucy Neuharth,

Lucy Neuharth, our costume designer, has been in charge of our wardrobe department for over ten years now, and this program would not be the same without her.

Dick Neuharth,  

Dick is a production assistant and assistant cook





Mary Sukow,

Mary has been out Kids Time/Story Time cook for 10 years.