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Kid Club Lessons (ONLINE)

Kids Club Lessons (Online) Free Bible and Certificate

These 52 Bible lessons will teach you about Bible stories and will help you to form a closer relationship with Jesus.

Directions: After reading each lesson onlin you click on the link to take the online quiz. In order to start taking quizzes you will need to sign-up for an account with iGiveTest (You will find this link after you read the first lesson). You will need to make a user name and password. Keep your information handy.  You will only be able to take the quizzes one at a time. You must do them in order, each correctly completed lesson will unlock the next quiz. Make sure you read the lesson. All of the answers will come from there or the Bible.

Tips: Be very specific with your answers. Don't add extra spaces or periods.

Once you have completed all 52 quizzes, you will unlock the "How to Get Your Free Bible" quiz.
Simply follow the directions on that last quiz and we will send you by mail a certificate of completion and a beautiful new Kids Club Bible!

Before you start, remember to pray and ask Jesus to help you understand what He wants you to learn through these lessons.

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