Welcome to Kids Club BY POSTAL MAIL

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Taking Kids Club Lessons by SNAIL MAIL (postal mail) 

Kids Club Lessons
Free Bible and Certificate

There are 52 Bible Lessons and Quizzes that make up the Kids Club Bible Lesson program. You can choose to take the lessons by MAIL or ONLINE. 

Kids Club is free! 

After completing all 52 and quizzes lessons, you will receive a FREE Kids Club Bible and certificate as a completion gift. You have the option to take the Kids Club Bible lessons ONLINE or receive them in your mailbox at home!  If you choose to take the lessons by mail––you will need to send us an email by filling out this form with your NAME, AGE, ADDRESS and let us know you want to join. It's that simple. There are no age limits! Young or old, all are welcome to join. 

Once you receive your first packet of lessons in the mail you will need to:

1. read the lessons
2. do the quizzes
3. mail the quizzes back to us. (see address below)

We will correct the quizzes and send you the next set by mail back to you. Each packet of lessons you receive in the mail will contain a small gift from Miss Brenda!

If you choose to take the lessons by mail keep this address handy:

Kids Club
678 South Alger Rd.
Ithaca, MI 48847

Be sure your Student ID# is listed when you mail back your lessons!