Ages 11-14 Contest Entries

Here you will find the main Kids Time contest entries for ages 11-14.

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Rachel J

"Jesus is my favorite character becasue he died for my sins."

Rachel J. (13)
Bushkilly, PA


"My favorite Bible character is Mary, becasue she is the most blessed of all women, the mother of God."

Rhonda N. (11)

"I like that she was brave and trusted God and she didn't want to be queen only for the riches and power."

Callie (11)
Castle Rock, CO


Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus by Elisabeth

"I love babies, and baby Jesus means salvatino to me."

Elizabeth W. (12)
Wauconda, WA


"I like Deborah for her courage,
helping her people and being God's prophet."

Oriana M. (14)


Elizabeth W. 12

"Queen Esther ... becasue she was true and faithful to God."

Elizabeth W. (12)
Wauconda WA


Caleb Wilson

"David, He was kind. He was loving. He killed Goliath the Philistine."

Caleb W. (13)
Wauconda WA