Ages 8-10 Contest Entries

Here you will find the entries to the main Kids Time contest for ages 8-10.

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"I like Paul becasue he encourages me to be more like Jesus and he was a missionary for Jesus."
Sofia P.

Sweethome, Or


"I like Ester because she shows a lot what a woman can do."
Elisia P. (10)
Florence, Ky

Esther Drawing

"I love Esther because she was brave and true to her God."
D'Anna J. (10)
Bushkilly, PA

Daniel S. - Jesus

"Why I pick Jesus? He's my favorite because He died so all of us could be alive!"
Daniel S. (9)

King David

"I like David becuase he was a man after God's own heart and he was a musician."
Sara  (8)
Auburn, CA



I like Elisha becasue he led the blind army and knew God was with him.
Nevaeh W. (10)
Hesperia, CA

Joseph by Joel age 10

I like Jospeh becasue he forgave his brothers.

Joel R. (10)
Hesperia, CA



Jesus is my favorite Bible character becasue he loves me!

Olivia W. (10)
Danville, WA