Chinese Paper Lanterns

Hey kids, check out these easy directions for making your own Chinese lanterns!
ry making a whole bunch, and string them up in your room!

Chinese Lantern Needs



  • Colored paper (either construction paper, or maybe even gift-wrapping paper)
  • Craft glue, tape, or a stapler
  • Scissors
Lantern Step 1
Step 1

Fold a sheet of paper lengthwise to make a long, thin rectangle.

Lantern Step 2
Step 2

Make 12 or more parallel cuts through the folded edge, but don’t cut all the way through.

lantern Step 3
Step 3

Unfold your paper, then attach the short ends of your paper together with glue, tape, or staples, making a cylinder.

Lantern Step 4
Step 4

Cut a 1/2-inch strip of paper that’s about 6 inches long and glue, tape, or staple the ends onto the lantern to make a handle.

Lantern Step 5
Step 5

Make as many lanterns as you want, and string them up for a pretty decoration to your room!