Craft Hedgehogs

 Autumn is a very beautiful part of the year.
Create these cute little hedgehogs and help them prepare for the winter.

Craft Hedgehogs



  • Clay
  • Pine Cones
  • Googly eyes
  • Autumn leaves 
  • Scissors
  • Black twisty ties 
  • Black pipe cleaners
Craft Hedgehogs Step 1
Step 1

Make a bell-like shape head and paws out of clay and push them to place on the cone.

Craft Hedgehogs Step 2
Step 2

Attach a black nose, eyes and whiskers to the head of a hedgehog.

Craft Hedgehogs Step 3
Step 3

Make mushrooms, berries and apples out of clay. You can also use real fruit.  

Craft Hedgehogs Step 4
Step 4

Put the mushrooms and fruits on the back of ahedgehog. Now the hedgehog is ready for winter!