Maxwell's Dots & Squares - download paper games
Maxwell's Dots & Squares

Ask a friend to play with you. Take turns drawing lines and when a square is completed, put the first letter of your name in that square. See how many squares you can claim.

Maxwell's Fun List - download paper games
Maxwell's Fun List

Pick a letter and try to think of things that start with that letter to fill the categories. Play by yourself or with a friend. See how long it will take you.



Maxwell's Maze - download paper games
Maxwell's Maze

Help Maxwell navigate this maze to retrieve the Bible.

Maxwell's Missing Letters - download paper games
Maxwell's Missing Letters

Look in the square and find what letters are missing. Put the missing letters into the correct spaces and you will find the hidden word!

Maxwell's Word Find - download paper games
Maxwell's Word Find

See if you can find all these Kids Time words in the smiley face below. Words can be up, down forwards, backwards and diagonal! Print out an share this with a friend!

Maxwell's Paws-N-Bones - download paper games
Maxwell's Paws-&-Bones

Grab a friend and play this classic tic-tac-toe game. Challenge yourself by using paw prints and bones for the icons instead of “X’s” and “O’s.”


Maxwell's Word Jumble- download paper games
Maxwell's Word Jumble

Unscramble the letters below to find ten different words having to do with Maxwell. Then, from the circled letters, discover the hidden words.


Fall Fun Sheet DownloadFall Fun Sheet Download

Download the Fall Fun Sheet