Sharing Around The World

There are many ways to share Jesus with others. Let us know how YOU share Jesus with others.
These are some of the ways other kids share Jesus around the world.
What will you do for Jesus?

Use these quick links to read what other kids have to say. 

Josiah: And I am from Antigua. I share Jesus by telling my friends about him and as well sharing and caring for others.

< Cadriel: I am from the Island of Antigua. I enjoy watching Kid’s Time especially nature time and learning time. I share Jesus by telling my friends that God loves them and sharing my snacks with those who do not have. I am 7 years old and I love Jesus


< Tiffiney : I love to share God’s word with my friends and pray with them. I love God,  He is a wonderful God. 


Rachel-Anne: I share Jesus by playing my violin with the musicians at church each Sabbath. I'm also a singer and share Christ through music when singing at various churches and gospel concerts. I also sometimes take the story for the younger children at church.

Sarah (5) Rhys (3): We like to share Jesus by giving out Try Jesus cards in people's letterboxes with our Dad. I like watching Kids Time. We always like to watch Kids Time. I pray for the people who don't love Jesus.

Riarna T. (11): I share jesus by telling them at school and through doing things for them and i really enjoy it.

< My name is Taylah. I am 13 years old and I live in Australia with my parents. I share Jesus by singing and playing my violin in church. I also make bookmarks with a picture and a bible verse on it.






Olinthea A. (11): I love kids time and i love to share Jesus by tellin my friends with him and praying for them.

Ryan S. (9): I help jesus by caring for my mom.

Octavia S: I Live in Nassau, The Bahamas. I have a 22 month little girl, Tianna G., and every morning she wake up she lifts her hands and say "Thank You Lord". When ever she does that it reminds me and my two older children Charles J. (12) and Shaniqua C. (9) that we must always remember to give the Lord thanks like Tianna does. I shared what Tianna does with her Godmother and she said that she will teach her 11 month baby boy how to give God Thanks.

Tashanti C: and I am from the beautiful island of Nassau in the Bahamas.I share Jesus by telling others that I love Jesus and by reading stories to my friends. I also share my lunch with my friends when they have no lunch. I pray for my family and friends when they are sick.

Shaquania: I share Jesus by inviting my classmates and friends to my church.

Daniella: I share Jesus by giving tracks and magazines to people
in my church community.
I love to pray and smile so everyone will know I am happy.




Shawana H. (11): My name is Asmar W. I  share Jesus by being kind to others.

Shawana H. (11):
I really love to share Jesus. I used to send in alot of videos on kids time but not that i'm older it's kind of hard to find the time.However i still share jesus by preaching his word i am a SDA lay preacher.


Jolene L. (11):


Dejon: I share jesus by been kind to my friends and family.


Alyssa F. (8): I share jesus by praising him, reading my bible and going to church and sundayschool too. I read to my sister about jesus and tell him all of his good works.

Briaana L. (8): Long Bush, Road Town ,Tortola, British Virgin Islands. And I share Jesus by singing songs about Jesus in The Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Children's Choir.


I love to share Jesus by saying  memory verses, telling children at my school about God,
taking part in church and praying for my family and friends. 
This is a picture of me and my baby sister.

Destinee M. (7): I share Jesus by singing and telling bible stories to my friends.

Asha C. (11): I love Kids Time very much. I share Jesus by telling my friends about him at school and my freinds from church and I go to the nursing home and sing for the people there. I enjoy it very much.



Cassidy R. (10): I will be sharing Jesus this spring when I am part of the kids evangelistic series at our church. I will be sharing on the Ten Commandments and Signs of Jesus' Coming. I try to invite people to church when ever I can.

Joselle (11): I share Jesus by playing my flute.

Brynn, Hudson Bay, SK – The way I share Jesus is by telling Bible stories and playing my flute infront of people at the nursing home. And, I give a few Jesus books to my music teacher.

Vertina W. (9): I share Jesus by passing out tracks.I love Jesus.

< Rachel: I like to share Jesus with others.
Sometimes I go to the nursing homes
and sing for the elderly and we visit with them.
Every week my mom and I bake muffins,
we sell them and with the money sponsor a little girl in the Philippines.


Justin: from Wesley village, Dominica – I am 4 yrs old. I share Jesus by helping my friend khadill with his chores, and sharing my snakes with my friend at school. I like ranger bill and kids time praise.

Reena B.: I share Jesus by Playing my recorder and my keyboard at church and at school.


Joseph A.: I like to share Jesus by singing.



Isaura: I love Jesus and I am organizing a bible club at school.

Renee F. I share Jesus by singing gospel songs and helping others.



Jolene L: I share jesus by praying, singing, reading the Bible and clapping for him.


Rachel: Honduras, Central America – I share Jesus by talking my friends about Him. And telling them that He will come in a short time. 



Jamie G. (12)-2018: I am writing this letter to tell you how I share Jesus. I share JESUS by having discussions with non believers. Even though some times dosent always end up good. I still try my best.

Kwesi M. (10): i share Jesus by giving out magazines and singing.

Ruel M. (8): I share jesus by singing with my sister and sharing my things with others and also giving away clothing, i love to watch kidstime its really entertaining god bless u guys and keep up tha good work!

Kelli B: I'm currently in highschool where some of the kids are really mean or they have personal issues, so i share Jesus by praying and telling them that God still loves them and he forgives and what ever situation their in he will guide them into the right path.

Henroy B. (13): I SHARE JESUS BY GIVING TRACKS TO PEOPLE AND I SHARE MY TOYS | I share Jesus by telling my friends stop hide and drink alcohol and they still don't listen but one day i said i am your friend i don't want you to die so i took the alcohol from them and throw it away.



Gabrielle P. (8): I share Jesus by singing on the choir and telling others about Jesus at school. I want to be a missionary doctor. My church collected money for the Haitians and I donated.

Kelli B. (10): I share jesus by sining, I am a really good singer I tell others about jesus and that he loves us.

< Duronie C: My brother Dwighyo (7) and i would watch kids time
daily and would love to become a member of the kids club Family.
Both of us are baptise members. We are members
of the pathfinder & adventure Club and share jesus
with our family & friends who are not yet christians
by giving them bible studies.


 Peta-Gaye M. (12): I Sshare Jesus by telling people about Him.

Kelsie W. (12): I share God by giving out tracks in the community

Hanalise B: I am 7 years old and I share Jesus by telling my friends that Jesus love them, also shearing my snacks with them and visit the sick Children at the hospital.

Kirk-Ann and Kichelle: We live in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Kirk-Ann is 2 and Kichelle is 5 months old. Kirk-Ann loves to worship and recites her memory verses. She loves to sing with the choir also. We appreciate your program alot and invite others to watch when they visit.

Evalecia S: Kingston Jamaica – I share Jesus with others by telling them about the love of Jesus.

Ray-anna P: My mother and I witness God by visting the hospital and give out tracks. In 2007 I preach at the children's crusade.

Tijuana D: Hi, I share Jesus by drawing stuff for people and they respect me of that, if you want me to draw the love of, it will be my pleasure.


Angela O.: I am 12 years old and from Kenya. I share Jesus through music. I play the violin together with my brothers who play piano, flute and clarinet. We always play Christian songs and some people have been touched by the music and have accepted Christ.


Sanjay S: am from Le Robert, Martinique. I share Jesus by telling my friends Jesus love them and singing. 

Eliorai: Hello everyone, my name is Eliora and l am 9 years old. I live in the Netherlands and I love to share jesus in all I do, l share jesus when I sing in church and play piano ad violin. I also share jesus by smiling and sharing his love to others. I talk with my friends about my faith and share God's love to them. I sometimes share books with them. 

Jacqui: from Christchurch. I share Jesus by telling my friends and school and by helping my dad give The ten commandents books to people.


Ikpotokin D. (12): I serve the lord by going to church and giving alms to the needy.

Joshua L. (6): I'm a missionary in Nigeria, and I'm 6 years old.  I share Jesus because I sing in a choir with my sister.

Michaela L.: I My family has been missionaries in Nigeria for five years. During this time my mommy has started a choir, and its called African Kids 4 Christ and i am part of it. I share Jesus by singing in the choir. We have Bible Studies too! And we have three DVDs and CDs for children to watch and listen to. You can find our third DVD called all about Jesus, at the ABC store.All the $ helps poor children at the Hospital.



Palu K.: I am 3 yrs old and I come from a small country call Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean. I am in Daring Dolphin Class. I love Jesus and I share his love to others by singing and telling
stories about how God created the world and how he send his one and only son to come and die on the cross for us and also saying my memory gem during Adventurer Classes.





KEISHA ANNE H. (11): Hi i share jesus by telling my friend about the kids' time.

Meka B: I shares Jesus by singing Gospal songs.


Zethan (7): I watch Kids time every Saturday. I like story time and Nature time most. I play the piano and my uncle plays the piano as well. I share Jesus by playing at church and I even played at a home for the elderly. I also sing in the children's choir at church.
Please pray for my daddy so he can come to church with my Mommy and me.

Darcel J. (11): I share Jesus by singing in church and taking up sabbath school i have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Kayla D: I share jesus by singing in hospitals and telling others about Jesus. Also my little sister she would love one her name is yana she sharesnjesus by singing for my sick grand mother.

Annisha S. (11): i love sharing jesus by:giving little cards giving Bible & telling them. 

Jean Claude P. (9): I share Jesus by making bookmarks to give to people and I love going to church on the sabbath.

Yasmar (9): Hi, I am Yasmar, and I watch kids time sometimes after school. I share Jesus with my friends at school by telling them about him and telling them of the things that Jesus likes us to do.

Kesley F. (13):
hi my name is kesley i love to shere Jesus by saving money for the elderly people.

Jada: My sister and I share Jesus with our friends. We tell them what the Bible says about God.

Thai F.: Sharing Jesus is a great thing to do. I share Jesus by forgiving my friends.

Lely and my nephew: and I share Jesus with my by going to church.
telling people that Jesus love them and singing.
I love Jesus. Oh I almost forgot we are from St.Lucia BYE!
And Jesus loves you




Marie (11): My name is Marie and i live in Sweden. I am 11 years old. I have a baby brother that is 8 months old. i ama big fan of kids time! i share jesus by letting the love of Jesus reflect through me. I just moved to Sweden so i would love you to pray for me.


Schaidine J. (14): I love to share Jesus by preaching in my church, and telling others about the amazing wonders of Jesus.


Ashley (8): I share Jesus by preaching the gospel.


Tyra G (11): I love to share Jesus by telling my cousins to come join me in church.


Joshua D. (10): To work for GOD I give out magazines for my church.

Genna (13): 
my name is Genna and I am from the Caribbean.I love sharing Jesus and the way I do it is that every first Sabbath in the month my church goes out and gives out adventist magazines to the people of our Community.

Jercee (7): I share Jesus by helping my grandparents and also by telling my friends at school about his love. I also like giving out tracks to persons in my villa.

Jizzie (13): 
I am 13 years old and I live in the wonderful twin-island of Trinidad and Tobago. I share Jesus by telling people in our villiage about Jesus. One day, I was with our neighbor in our pool, and her little brother started to drown, so I went to his rescue. Miss Brenda, I will never forget that day, it felt so good to know that I saved someones life! I love Jesus very much!

Taylor M. T. (8): I love kidstime and I share Jesus by making cards about Jesus and sharing them with others.

Daniel J.A.:
I am 7 years old. I love Jesus very much and I got baptised in April this year. I love to tell my teachers and school friends how much Jesus loves them.

Eden B.:
I share Jesus with my friends  by telling  them  about the true Holy Sabbath Day Saturday. 

Daneille O: I am 9 years old. I share Jesus by singing to people in a choir. My family loves your show also.

Marquise L: I share Jesus when I take part in worship in school, help my friends at school and tell them that Jesus loves them.

Le Shawn Arthur: am five years old, I love two shear Jesus with my friends by simply telling saying that he love them.

Kyle P: and I am 14 years of age, I live on a small island of Tobago. I share Jesus by sharing with others and praying for the sick people I know.

< Anastacia: When I go to school I tell
my friends about Jesus and how
He loves them too and cares about them



Phenshine(14), Szyn(7), Rhyn (4): Today we are in United Kingdom. We share the love of Jesus by singing.


Ava M (9):  I try to share Jesus around my home and community. I pass out this book that teaches you about the ten commandments. Can you please send me the Bible lessons. And can you give Maxwell a hug and a pat on the head thank you from your friend Ava.

Miss M (7):  I share Jesus by passing out flyers with my church and playing my violin in nursing homes. I also help out my mother with cleaning the house and washing the dishes for her.

Annabel T (7):  My name is Annabel and I am 7 years old, I am living in New Mexico. I share Jesus by writing a letter to someone.

Janeen:  I am from Connecticut and I lie to share Jesus by telling others about him and I also love Jesus and want to go to heaven!

Dick A.:  share jesus by mowing my neighbours lawn for free. And i also share Jesus by singing to the elderly people in the elder home with my cousin Aiden he is currently 14 years of age. Also a few weeks ago their our neighbour 100 year old tree got struck by a thunderstorm and it fell over same with a bunch of trees to so me and my family stopped and pitched in to get the trees of the road, Boy! it was hard but is good to lend a helping hand.

< Macy M. (12): I am 12 years old and from Washington. I share Jesus by telling my friends about Him and being a good influence towards others. I also like to sing and play my guitar to hymns and other worship songs that I know. I want to continue being a missionary for others and hope that the people I influence will make a good choice and have a good influence towards others themselves!

 Marciana (5): >
I share Jesus by telling my friends about him.



 < Marlene C. (5): I love to share Jesus byplaying my violin.

 Christian H. (6):  I love to share Jesus by handing out literature, singing, and preaching. 

Matthew K. (10): I share Jesus by playing my piano. I also give Bible studies to kids. I'd like to mention my friend that I do Bible studies with. Her name is Lorena, and she is 8 years old. Though she goes to a Sunday-keeping church, she loves God very much and loves Bible studies very much. ---This is an update (11)--- have moved away, but I now play violin and am hoping to start a Bible Study group in my area. Once everything gets settled about the group, I hope to start it and invite people to bring their non-Adventist friends.

Hannah R. (10): I share Jesus by praying for people and taking friends to church.

Anahi (22):
 I like sharing Jesus by talking to people about Jesus.

Uchechi (5): My name is Uchechi and I am 5 years old. I share Jesus by helping my mother and brothers.

Kaitlin (12):
 I share Jesus by going canvasing with my friend in the city of Hot springs Arkansa

Michael B:
I share jesus by passing out litature after church.

Lienna L. (11): I live in the bustling city of New York .I watch your show every Saturday. I share Jesus by telling others about his love, and doing out reach ministries with my church may God bless you .

Lizzy (8):
I share Jesus by helping my grandma

Shane (11):
I Share Jesus by being kind to others and helping people. I also share Jesus by being obedient to my parents and talking to my family who does not Know Jesus I have a 5 year old brother whose name is Michael and a 2 year old sister. Her name is Gabriella and I am 11.

Shanjida H. (9):
What I did to make god happy is that I respected people and helped people. I saved up money and made a donation to all the kids who do\'t have parents and all the people who dont have home. Please send me a activity book so I can enjoy my life with God. Also I love your show I see it every day after school. Sincerely, Shanjid.

< Ian (5): I share Jesus by making crafts
at Sabbath School and sending them in the mail.
(Photo: Ian and his Daddy, CA

Adam T. (8): I love the Lord and I love Kids Time. I share Jesus by preaching.I've preached at several churches.

Stephie H. (11): I share Jesus by standing up for my right in school and sharing what I belive.

Rebeca (9): I share Jesus by singing and praying for the sick.

Leah C. (10): I love kids time. i share Jesus by telling people about Jesus.

Charity T. (9):
I share Jesus by getting along with my sisters and I use to feed the homeless and I go to the nursing home. And when me and my mom go shopping I love to give the cashier cards that tell them about our Savior and I also tell my friends about Jesus and I gave this homeless man by Albertsons some food and his dog was jumping up and up and down and he said thank you and I said your welcome back and I give out tracks to people and sometimes I sing at the Nursing Home and by playing the Piano for God and Him only at the Nursing Home and one time me and my friends collected money at CA at the cafeteria and we collected about 100 dollars for the Orphanage in Africa and smile for Jesus

JULIA M. (13):

I just love Kids Time I wouldn't miss it for the world I share God's word by going to houses and offering Bible lessons to people on my street.

Caleb S. (10):
I share jesus by giveing guides to my friends.

Anneliese H. (6.5):
Hi Ms. Brenda, I love watching Kids Time. My favorite part is Story Time. I was excited to find out that my daddy is the Kids Time Pastor. I share Jesus by coloring pictures about him to give to people. I also like to help my mommy bake bread or cookies to share. Thank you for sharing Jesus with me.

Aaron A. (7):
I share Jesus by being kind to my best friends.

Nicole G. (6):
I share jesus by listening to instructions and earning green cards at the R.I. Academy.

Melanie T.: I share Jesus by inviting children from my neighborhood to my bible club at my home, every Sabbath afternoon.

Eden S. (10):
I share Jesus by giving out guides at my school. .

Patricia B.:
I shared Jesus when I told my friend that Jesus will always be their even when you do bad things.

Hadassah L.
(7): I do this to help Jesus i go to the homeless.

Kaylee B.
(20): I share Jeus by singing to my neices, and by helping Mom around the house.

Olivia S.: 
I love wacthing kids time.I also love the bloppers. My brother, my sister,and I are 7th day adventist. We love Sabbath. We share Jesus by handing out tracts in our city. God bless you and the kids time staff (including Maxwell).

Alexis R.: Oregon, hello my name is alexis i share jesus by singing at my church. i love jesus so much I spread the good news 4 him.

Brianna R.:
I share kids time by telling my friend about God every Sabbath a small group of my church go to peoples house who are sick.

Austin H.:
I live in Houston, TX. I share Jesus with my piano talent, my singing talent, and my voice also to witness.

Tia F.:
Im from Honolulu, Hawaii. I will like to donate food, clothes, toys, and books about jesus to the poor people.

I share Jesus by singing. I sang at camp meeting in Huntsville AL.
 I sang both in 2008 & 2009.

Sara T.:
Arkansas, My age is: Nine And I like to share Jesus by: going to nursing homes with my pathfinder group and singing songs about His love and I also like singing up front. (although I get sacred most of the time so I don't do it very often.)

<Connie M., I am 7 years old. I live in New Jersey, United States. I Share Jesus by praying everyday and getting together all of my friends and talking to them about Jesus, how awesome and wonderful he is and how much I love him.

Phillip, NY > 
I share Jesus by praying for people in church and obeying my mom and dad.


<Melissa, Missouri: I tell others about Jesus by smiling.




<Emmy, California: I share Jesus by obeying my mom and dad.


 <David, Georgia: I share Jesus by helping my classmates with their work and praying for family and friends.




< Kyla, Virginia: I share Jesus by telling my friend that I am a Christian.


< Jaylee, Iowa: I share Jesus by sharing my toys and my food with my baby brother and by helping to take care of him. I also love to go out to our neighbor’s door and give out papers that tell about Jesus.



<Cameron, West Virginia: I help others and tell them about Jesus and read devotions.


<Colton, West Virginia: I share Jesus by helping others.




Joel D.: I’m from Clayton North Carolina. I share Jesus by going door to door selling books about him, Such as The Great Controversy (I read it all the way through), The Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, Vegan Cookbooks, all kinds of Children’s Bible story books, etc… I also sing with my Sisters Sophia and Isabella (I have another sister named Lilly who’s 4).

Rosie: I live in Union City, Michigan. I share Jesus by handing out Bible study bookmarks from Amazing Facts at Walmart and at the thrift store. I also share Jesus by letting others go first on the swing and sharing toys with them. I make some cards that say “Jesus loves you.” I made a picture of Jesus’ temptations in the wilderness and gave it to an old lady downstairs. Sometimes I sing for people and read the Bible for them. I love Jesus. Thank you for Kids’ Time.

Andrea: and I live in Alexandria, Lousianna. And I share Jesus by sing at the nursing home on Sabbath.

Sara K.: am from Wisconsin, and I share Jesus by being kind to my friends.

Adaijah: Denver, Colorado – I share Jesus when I do what's right in school and lead by example. I tell my friends that Jesus wants us to obey.

Riley: West Virginia – I tell my mommy and my friends, Logan, Earnest, and Samantha about Jesus.

Katie: Bakersfield, California – I share Jesus by singing and drawing pictures. I love God.

Basil C.: My name is Basil and I share Jesus by singing at the nursing home.

Hannah H.: Michigan – Hi my name is Hannah and I share Jesus by going door to door and selling books. You should try it its fun.

Joanna B.: Seminole, Texas – I am saving up old clothes, because i want to send them to Africa to help poor people.

Zenia C.: I share Jesus by singing for people.



Opal K. (11):  I share Jesus by telling my friends that God loves them and sharing my snacks with those who do not have them. And I love Jesus. 

Jemecia P. (9): I am nine years old.I share Jesus by giving tracts to people in my community. I love kids time.

Kaleeah F. (8): I am 8 years old. i love to watch kids time and sing along with the children. I share Jesus by giving out food baskets with my Adventurer Club.

Cadesha F. (8): I love to watch kids time its my favorite T V program. I share Jesus by telling my friends about his love and memorizing my bible text at sabbath school.


 Matthews K.S. (18):  we love watching your program with my cousin whose 6 years old. we always pray for you so that you continue preaching to all the kids in this generation. We share Jesus by praying for others, doing charity work, giving memory verses to our friends who know a little about Jesus.

Faith M. (13):  I share Jesus by reading the bible to my friends andexplaining it to them.

Precedence M.: I shareJesus through music and by giving bible books to people who don't know GOD.


  Anelwa T. (7) Mbali (3):
I love to share Jesus by telling my friends at school
to make healthy choices like Daniel.
I also share my toys and help out my mum with work at home.



< My name is Mzwandile I am 5 years old.
I live in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. I love watching Kid's time and tiny tots.
I share Jesus by giving clothes to children without parents and
playing with my sister when my mom is busy. I love learning about science.