We are extending the entry deadline for our Bible Character contest!
Deadline is now Dec 30!

New Bible Challenge for December! Check it out!  


Don't forget to enter the MAIN CONTEST!
We want to know who your favorite Bible character is. Draw us a picture and send it in. 

Check the contest page for full details. Contest ends Dec 30.

Watch the Kids Time Praise Live program.

 New Crafts! 

Three new crafts have been added
(Racoon, Sam the Ram and Chinese Paper Lanterns).
Check them out.
Send us photo of the craft you made and we will post it.


Thanks Brümilda for writing in from South Africa
to let us know you like the new website changes!
"Thank you so much for updating the Kids Time website! My brother and I like it very much!"

Found a mistake? Let us know.

If you find a broken link or photo-let us know where so we can fix it!

Meet Teddie Bear! The new KT mascot!

Teddie BearTeddie Bear

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Hey Kids! Miss Brenda is coming to Barbados
December 1 & 2, 2018



New Kids Network - Video on Demand App!

3ABN Kids Network encourages children of all ages to invite Jesus into their lives with a variety of quality Christ-centered programming. Our content includes Bible stories, science, nature, worship, music, health, and cooking, just to name a few, and each program is designed to have a positive impact on children by leading them closer to their Savior. In today's world, where the mainstream media glorifies immorality, Kids Network stands apart and provides safe programming that parents can trust will bring out the very best in their children. 

Ask your parents if you can download it. APPLE  | ANDROID



Daily Devotional App

Hey kids! Now available is a new daily devotional app just for you. It’s called Kids Time with Jesus, and it can be downloaded for free from the Apple or Google Play stores. Every day you’ll receive a new devotion that will encourage and inspire you to draw closer to your Best Friend, Jesus! There’s also a special link that will take you right to the 3ABN Kids Network, so you can watch Christ-centered programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ask your parents if you can download it. APPLE  | ANDROID



It's taken us 2 years to update this website and it's still under construction. If you find a mistake--let us know. We will be adding new content each week.

We added a bunch of new activities, crafts, nature fact sheets and we have many cool things coming! Let us know what else you would like to see! Be sure to check out our NEW MAIN CONTEST2018-07-21